Mind Cinema is an alternative/electronic band from Monterrey, Mexico. Consisting of Priscilla Orfanos, Humberto Garza and Gerardo Gamez. Founded in 2010, the band has released three albums "Sunbeat", "The Farthest Sea" and their new  album called "Sleep Clinic", which was out in July 2018 exclusively in vinyl, singles of this album can be found in digital platforms, full digital version will be released by the end 2018. The sound of the band has evolved over time. Their current sound is crafted completely with synthesizers and electronic instruments. They are using the logo/alias "MDMA" for the new phase. 

Next concert: Pa'l Norte (Mar 22, 2019)

Sleep Clinic Album:

Produced by Kincaid

Mastered by Jimmy Cavazos

Vinyl is available for purchase at www.feedbands.com