Was formed back in 2010 when Gerardo Gamez met Priscila Orfanos and recorded their first EP “Sunbeat”, it was all done with vsts and samples with a low budget,  very experimental. A couple of years later the band released their 2nd album “The Farthest Sea”. Humberto Garza joined the band in 2015, started writing songs and buying synths, they consider themselves as gear addicts and synth collectors.

The two first albums are very different from where the band is now. Their sound evolved into a completely different thing, the band even thought of changing their name but at the end, they liked the name “Mind Cinema” and stuck with it. With the new sound the band like to use the logo “MDMA” like word play to differentiate the new stuff from the old.

The band is now ready to release their third album which for them really feels like their first. It's completely electronic, they used only synths, samplers, drum machines, the same tools that the band uses in their live performances.

The name of the upcoming album is “Sleep Clinic” as a satire of today's materialism and instafamous people. The war of who is more of an influencer for just having no talent at all, but this is really happening and we feel like people are becoming zombie-like or “asleep”.